Kiera1-zoom-SMALLMy name is Dr. Lane. I am a Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, licensed in Arizona and Licensed Acupuncturist with a Degree in Dietetics (Clinical Nutrition). I have specialized training in preventative and integrative medicine. I am trained to integrate the best of Natural and Western medicine and have been involved in the health care industry for the past twenty years. I am an eczema sufferer.

I have had eczema my entire adult life. Since it occurs on my face and around my eyes primarily, it is difficult to hide when I have a flare-up. I have tried to stay away from steroid topical creams. Although I have used them a time or two when nothing worked, they only were a temporary fix for me. I have tried many natural products over the years. What I found was a lot of the natural products available helped my skin a little but nothing helped my skin a lot. A natural oil based product helped with the dryness but not the redness or resolving the cracks in my skin. An ointment helped the redness but did nothing for the dry texture of my skin. Since I have already been dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free for 25 years, I didn’t think my diet was behind my eczema flare-ups so I focused on topical products to help. I have basically tried almost every serum, cream and ointment I could get my hands on but I did not find what I needed.

I needed a product gentle enough for the sensitive skin around my eyes and on my face and neck. There were not any great products that worked for me, so instead of being continually frustrated, I decided to take matter into my own hands. With all my training and background in botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, and biochemistry, I was the perfect person to formulate a product that might actually work for me. So that is exactly what I did.

I wanted to use the most natural, organic (when available), non-toxic and preservative-free product that could calm and feed my skin and work with my body. Combining multiple therapies that I had been trained in for years, I made an effective combination of substances that worked to calm, soothe and transform my skin. BLUE CALM Serum has reduced redness, dryness and cracked skin around my eyes, neck and face. Those cracked lines around my eyes that made me look years older were gone and I felt back to myself again. Others started to notice how well my skin looked. In addition, friends commented that my skin was glowing and I looked more youthful. I have been using BLUE CALM for the past years on my face, neck and eyes lids and have not even one break out.

Of course, everyone’s response may not be exactly as mine. However, sharing this with many of my patients and seeing it was helpful for them encouraged me to be confident to offer this product to others. The body responds to the healing power of nature.

With the success of Blue Calm Serum, I received feedback that this serum, although not intentionally meant for aging skin, in many cases, had positive benefits for dry and irritated skin and aging skin that was sensitive. Other users of BLUE CALM SERUM described their skin as: Softer, Moisturized, Balanced and Glowing. So using “Nature Multiplied x 3”, I formulated another product, FLOREE DEFY Serum, that has additional focused ingredients for aging skin. Both BLUE CALM and FLOREE DEFY Serums are part of the Only1U Skincare Collection. While individual results may vary, I have received feedback from users that they have benefitted from using these products with my signature “Nature Multiplied x 3″combination of natural therapies to help promote healthy skin growth.

It is my true hope that the products will positively impact your life and empower you to feel and look your best.


We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize”

-Thich Nhat Hanh